From Video to YouTube

This session will introduce educators to posting videos to their YouTube channel that is part of Google Apps for Education. Participants will either bring video or access online video during the session. They can create their YouTube channel, post a video and then learn to display the video on a Blogger blog or a Google site. Note: Google Apps for Ed administrators need to provide access to YouTube for teachers and/or students. 

If you do not have YouTube available in your school you will not be able to create your won channel, but you may be able to access Youtube for EDU or WatchKnowLearn for classroom videos.

(These directions will soon by updated to show changes with Google+.)


Google Apps for Ed accounts include a YouTube channel. This session will be a chance to play with setting up and moving video clips from your computer to your YouTube account. Once you have the clips on your YouTube channel you can easily embed them into your blog or web page.
  • The video
    • Using a flipcam or other flash video camera/smartphone record a video
    • Plug in the USB connector to your computer and upload the video or email the video to yourself
    • If you don't have a camera you can use your MacBook and Photo Booth to create a video.
    • Drag the movie file (.mov or .m4v) to your Desktop
  • YouTube
    • Sign into YouTube using your school Google account.
    • Click on your login in name in the upper right hand corner for the screen>My Channel
    • If you don't have a channel yet, set up your YouTube Username/Channel name.

  • Posting on a Blogger blog or Google Site
    • On a website page, go to Insert>Video>YouTube. Paste the link to the YouTube video in the space & click Save.
    • On a blog go to New Post>Insert Video>My YouTube Videos>select the video you want to post
    • NOTE: If you prefer to not have the student video followed by "suggested videos" from anywhere on YouTube you need to go to your YouTube Channel, select the video, click Share, click Embed, under the embed code uncheck "Show suggested videos when the video finishes". Then copy the embed code and paste it in as HTML on your blog post or site page. (See image below)

This is a screencast of the process of taking a video from a Flipcam to your YouTube channel: