Blogger for the Classroom

This session will introduce educators to Blogger blogs as a part of Google Apps. Teachers, administrators and students can use this communication tool for sharing information, videos, slideshows, etc. with the school and community. In combination with Picasa Web Albums and a teacher YouTube channel, this blogging tool is easily updated and offers a compelling resource for the display of learning. 


Points to ponder:
  • Why use a blog as a window into classroom learning?
  • How do you set up a blog?
  • What are the advantages of a blog?
  • Do parents read or react to what you post on your classroom blog?
  • Do you post images, videos, etc. on your blog?

1. Video on starting a classroom blog:

2. Blogger's New Look:

3. How to publish a post:

4. How to create and add Pages:

5. Choose who can read & edit your blog: